You've made your business happen—you've got the clients, your business is growing, and you're living the entrepreneurial dream...

Or at least, you were...

But somewhere along the way in your fast-growing business the daily details fell by the wayside and you're now struggling in a sea of disorganization or overwhelm. You've been meaning to set up structures for your business, get your team workflows organized, or get support with your brand messaging, but you're so busy focusing on your work and your clients you simply haven't been able to carve out the time.

Here's the good news: you're not alone. These challenges are common among so many driven, successful entrepreneurs just like you. But getting professional support is what sets apart the good-enough entrepreneurs from the exceptional ones. 

So, why Business Unicorn? 

Handling these business challenges for you is where I come in. Through masterful project management and content consulting service, I'm here to help you streamline your business and simplify your life so you can focus on your strengths, find greater ease and freedom, and fall in love with your business all over again. 

Stacy Business Unicorn 1

So, who is this Business Unicorn exactly?

Hey there! I'm Stacy, founder of Business Unicorn. I'm a creative copywriter and online business manager with a decade of marketing and communications experience. I’m deeply passionate about supporting female-run businesses and helping women reach greater success, ease, and fulfillment along their entrepreneurial journeys.

On a personal note, I'm a born-and-raised Southern gal, beach lover, travel enthusiast, and brunch fanatic. I grew up in North Carolina, spent much of my adult life in New Orleans, and I now live in Calgary, Alberta Canada with my husband and adorable kitty.


Why I'm the Business Unicorn you've been searching for (a.k.a. let's see some credentials!)

I know firsthand the grit, determination, and organizational savvy it takes to start and run a successful business. In fact, Business Unicorn's not my first rodeo! After a marketing career that spanned most of my 20's, I took a leap and started my own business as a realtor where I was basically inducted into the industry by fire (we're talking some seriously complex first few deals)—which taught me TONS about the drive and persistence it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Following a move to Canada with the love of my life, I transitioned out of real estate and expanded my current business providing services to meet the growing needs of creative agencies & service-based businesses owned by driven female entrepreneurs.


Quick Stats:

Bachelor of Arts in Communication from North Carolina State University

8+ years of marketing experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors

3+ years of experience providing virtual support for female-owned businesses, including multiple 6- and 7-figure service-based businesses



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